The Global Adoptee Genealogy Project (GAGP) is a collaborative project of the Mixed Roots Foundation and serves as a one-stop resource for providing assistance to the greater adoption and foster care community by helping them fill in the GAGP of discovering their biological and cultural roots through DNA testing and important search & reunion resources.

In its Pre-Launch back in 2011 when Mixed Roots Foundation was officially launched as an organization, GAGP has now expanded and grown in partnership with several individuals, businesses and organizations in the community including Vista Del Mar Adoption & Foster Care, Spokeo and the Spokeo Search Angels Awards Program, 23andMe, and Family Tree DNA to provide these important post-adoption resources.

GAGP will continuously strive to educate and bring more awareness about the importance of DNA testing as well as help identify trusted and valuable resources to those who are in need of finding family and be with them every step of the way as they discover their journey of Identity, Diversity and most importantly unity within themselves, their families and the communities they live in.

GAGP’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Filling in the GAGP Fund that will offer FREE DNA testing to those in need in particular adoptees and their families.

With its Official Launch in November 2016, GAGP seeks to raise enough funds so that it can test 1,000 adoptees and their families by next year in 2017.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We can only give people our experience with DNA searching and guide them through the process.  Everyone is different and we believe that they can make choices that will work for them.  We can’t tell them what to do and we don’t know what will work for them but we try to be a resource that eases the process and directs them to an outcome that helps to heal no matter what the outcome. Please try to be compassionate to yourself and others throughout this journey and to try to jump into the other persons shoes as you find family.  Empathy and love allows for growth and reflection for everyone involved.