23andMe was founded by Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza in 2006, 23andMe launched its Personal Genome Service® a year later. Based in Mountain View, California, the company currently employees well over 300 people and ships its product to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The Meaning Behind the Name
The name 23andMe refers to the fact that human DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes. 23andMe connects individuals to their unique, paired set of 23 chromosomes.

In partnership with 23andMe, Mixed Roots Foundation receives a portion of sales of each DNA test kit that is sold and will be teaming up with 23andMe on several campaigns that will raise awareness on the importance of DNA testing for adoptees and their families as well as help fill in the gap for those who are in need of discovering their biological and cultural roots.

Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes white pages listings, public records and social network information into simple profiles to help individuals safely find and learn about people.

In partnership with Spokeo, Mixed Roots Foundation co-sponsors the Spokeo Search Angels Awards Program where we recognize volunteers who give of their own time and resources to help adoptees and their families search and find their families. Spokeo Search Angels receive cash grant awards a long with recognition and continued support through Spokeo and the growing Spokeo Search Angels Network.

Adoptions at Vista Del Mar is a story of evolution: from the first cottage-style orphanage in southern California to an innovative leader in educational, mental health, autism, adoptions and early intervention services, Vista Del Mar has always served with compassion and cutting edge treatment programs. For more information on Vista Del Mar, please visit: http://www.vistadelmar.org

As a Strategic partner of Mixed Roots Foundation, Vista Del Mar will serve on the GAGP Advisory Committee and be the primary lead community partner to assist with outreach and recruitment for GAGP as well as share content and provide direct services/resources including support for the adoption and foster care community.

Family Tree DNA is the world leader in Genetic Genealogy. Since its inception in April of 2000, Family Tree DNA has constantly developed the science that enables genealogists around the world to advance their family’s research through usage of affordable DNA tests that allows people find other individuals with whom they share common ancestors. Family Tree DNA’s primary goal is to help genealogists advance their research, and to help adoptees find more about their biological families.

In partnership with Family Tree DNA, Mixed Roots Foundation hosts its Global Adoptee Genealogy Project (GAGP) group with Family Tree DNA as well as a portion of sales of each DNA test kit benefits Mixed Roots Foundation’s Filling in the GAGP Fund that seeks to offer FREE DNA testing to those in need.

Uptica is a results-driven marketing & advertising agency. Uptica helps businesses and organizations accelerate online growth based on business goals. Uptica’s diverse service offering is crafted to support marketing & advertising strategy. From online strategy to responsive web design & creative assets like videos, music, and images, Uptica creates effective websites that will improve ROI.

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Based in the Sacramento, CA area, MindBomb Clothing Co., a family run business, was established in 2015 and offers high quality affordable customized designed branded clothing from T-Shirts to Shorts for businesses and organizations as well as for causes and specialized marketing promotions / campaigns. The concept of MindBomb is a unique idea that goes off in your head.

Fund by Cell, Inc. is based in San Francisco and serves as the Mobile giving partner to Mixed Roots Foundation. Fund by Cell’s passion is technology that helps people realize their dreams. Their technologies have been helping charities raise money for over eight years. The latest service, Fund by Cell, makes it easier than ever for anyone – a charity, an individual, or a cause or movement – use mobile and web tools to make their dreams come true including texting to donate and providing a crowdfunding website.