Smiling adoptee

As an adoptee, Megan didn’t know anything about her biological parents or family history. For years she would get questions about her background—questions she couldn’t answer. “I wanted to know about ME.” So Megan ordered a 23andMe kit.

“I counted down the days until the reports came in, and when they did I almost cried,” said Megan. “After 19 years of not knowing anything, and then just from spitting in a tube, I have a pile of information all about me.”

In the beginning, she would look at her reports every day, multiple times a day. “When I was younger everyone just assumed I was Hispanic.” But now Megan knows she is part Irish, part Scandinavian and part African. And she has some Native American ancestry as well. When asked how she felt about finding out her genetic makeup, she said, “I thought it was so cool.”