About ISRR

The International Soundex Reunion Registry is a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization founded in 1975 by Emma May Vilardi. ISRR is a mutual consent reunion registry for persons desiring a reunion with next-of-kin. This agency serves the needs of family members who have been separated from each other by adoption, divorce, foster care, institutional care, abandonment, crisis, etc. ISRR is referred to by many groups, internet resources, state departments, courts, government and private agencies — though not directly affiliated with any other registry, organization or website.

What is Soundex?

Soundex is a code used in early American Census (beginning 1880), patented in 1918, it became prominent in the 1960’s, and remains a standard feature today in SQL, ORACLE and other computer programs. It is a phonetic way of indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English, to make it easier to find information on names that sound alike, but may be spelled differently (Mayer, Meyer, Meier, Maier, Mire, Myer). Thus Soundex can help find a name in a database, even though it may have various spellings. Soundex code consists of a letter (always the first letter of the name) and three numbers. These numbers are based on specific consonant sounds, ignores subsequent vowels and establishes exception rules. For the coding used by ISRR, click here: ISRR Soundex Code